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Xplode (Stamina, Energy and Sex Enhancer)

With Xplode you will discover your untapped energy and will amp your mood to high.
Batch Expiry Date: December 2020

Xplode 25 pills

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This uniquely blended herbal party pill amplifies your energy and gives you an electrifyingly delightful buzz for over 6 hours so you can party on till dawn. Xplode is all you need to enter another realm for as hours. Xplode gives you hours of ecstatic high & unending energy to party hard.

Amps energy
Over 6 hrs of fun
Party harder
Cheap, legal high
No side-effects
No come down
BZP free
All natural high

Xplode is made from the purest natural herbs & completely safe to have with no side-effects. However it is advisable to avoid taking Xplode if you are on any medication or if you are pregnant.